Pedro Mello e Cruz

Managing Director of Circocan since 2006. With a degree in Communication from the UFPR, specialized in circus at the Beijing International Arts School, and has attended schools such as Circus Warehouse (NY, USA) and SANCA (Seattle, USA). Creator of GforC – Circocan’s professional training course, since 2013 coordinates the circus program at Camp Medolark (Maine, USA). Promotes events, partnerships and exchanges with schools and companies around the world.

Adilso Machado

A dancer in Grupo Cena 11 for nine years, since 2013 directs the shows performed by GforC graduates and by Circocan’s artistic company. With more than 20 years of experience as an artist, has had contact with various contemporary dance techniques, classic ballet, street dance and jazz. His work experience includes Circo Girassol, Aerial Edge (Scotland) and Cie Toula Limnaios (Germany), as well as directors Alejandro Ahmed, Eva Schul, Eduardo Severino, Lia Rodrigues and Hooman Sharifi.

Nickolle de Abreu

Rhythmic gymnast, artist and coach at Circocan since 2014. Part of the Brazilian national rhythmic gymnastics team from 2005 until 2008 and dancer in Camaleão Grupo de Dança (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) from 2012 to 2014. Has a degree in Business Administration and attended circus and gymnastics courses at SANCA (Seattle), AKADEMIK (Bulgaria) and North Shore Gymnastics (Chicago). Member of Circocan’s team at Camp Medolark (Maine).

Luke Quadrio

Born in Australia, has worked as an artist for Cirque du Soleil – Mystere (Las Vegas) and Universal Studios (Japan). Trained for three years at the Beijing International Arts School (China), specializing in chinese pole, acrobatics and hand balance. In Australia, has taught at several schools such as NICA and FlipSide Circus, as well as pole workshops around the world.

Dr. Bruno Tucunduva

Doctor in physical education at the University of Campinas, focuses on circus and movement arts. Physical education professor in the UFPR, his academic life has always been in contact with Circocan, opening research pathways regarding circus and teaching. Currently coordinates Cirthesis, a research group about circus education.

Mark Gibson

Managing Director of Aerial Edge, the largest circus school and company in Scotland, has over 20 years experience in the education field with projects involving physical and artistic disciplines. Besides managing AE, travels the world researching, gathering and establishing circus exchange networks. Has been through Circus Space (London), Circus Warehouse (NYC), ARCAA (Sydney) and Circus Centre (San Francisco), as well as a permanent partnership with Circocan.

Amy Shipway

Amy discovered circus in 2008 when she was travelling in Australia and fell in love with flying trapeze. She found Aerial Edge in 2014 where she began training in static and flying trapeze before joining the team as a part time marketing assistant in December 2014. Since then, Amy’s role with Aerial Edge has grown and in 2017 she became General Manager of the company. Amy is passionate about creating opportunities for people to work and study Circus in Scotland, and has worked with Aerial Edge’s Director Mark Gibson to research and launch Scotland’s first and only full time course: the Foundation Course in Circus Arts. In December 2015 Amy travelled to Brazil for 3 months of training at Circocan in Florianopolis, where she became passionate about learning Portuguese. Since 2015, Amy has returned to Brazil each year leading the Aerial Edge Circus Holiday, a permanent exchange program between Scottish and Brazilian artists.

Alice Jackson

Alice is currently a full time Circus Arts teacher at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London. She graduated with a BA Hons in Dance and Culture Studies from the University of Surrey in England, and has a broad range of movement training including artistic gymnastics, contemporary and African Dance. Alice stumbled upon the National Circus by chance and decided she wanted swap her desk for the studio, and make her career in teaching circus and dance. From Family circus with two year olds, to the National Circus Degree and recreational programmes, she teaches various disciplines to all ages. Other than movement/ dance, Alice teaches handstands, Chinese pole, flying trapeze and acrobatics. Alice has a particular interest in inclusive practice and providing wider access to circus for disabled people. Through training and research she hopes to continue to bring together her knowledge of circus, dance and inclusive practice.

James McCambridge

A former graduate and currently a teacher at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London, James teaches multiple skills and disciplines to participants with a variety of different abilities and goals, including multiple degree programmes. His teaching career began as a gymnastics coach 14 years ago at the City of Lisburn Salto National Gymnastics Centre in Northern Ireland, working with elite men’s artistic gymnastics. He then pursued a career as a circus performer, obtaining a degree from the National Circus and performing internationally. Since then he has returned to teaching and developed a keen interest in psychology and neuroscience, studying with Z Health Performance Solutions and the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology. Over the last 3 years he has begun to integrate neurology based ideas used in the worlds of sport and manual therapy into circus training, with an aim to more successfully evaluate the sticking points of each individual and provide more effective training programs.

Júlio Gouvêa

Practiced artistic gymnastics as a child and discovered circus as a teenager. Worked providing artistic and educational training for trapeze artists and acrobats at Club Med Resorts. Ground acro, power track and air track instructor at the Brazilian National Circus School. Currently researches acrobatic deconstruction and teaches aerial and acrobatics workshops.

Jones Kalutskikh

Jones Henrique Silva, from Ituiutaba, Minas Gerais, Brasil, has completed seven years of classical ballet, 7 years of Aerial Acrobatic, Fenix Ballet and Circus Acrobatics At Unicirco Rio de Janeiro, Spaco da Danca Ballet School, Cirque Training in Marcos Frota Circus Show and Others. Attended The Marcos Frota Circus University, Brazil for aerial circus acrobatics and also some jazz, street and classical dances.
Disciplines include Aerial Training, Aerial Hoops (main act), straps, rope, Spanish Web, flying trapeze, dance trapeze, bungees, harness, basic tumbling, acrobatic floor dance, contemporary acrobatic. Also Aerial and Dance training at Royal Caribbean / Celebrity Studios in Miami / FL.

Pablo Fabok

Circus and yoga instructor and artist.
Has over ten years of teaching experience in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.